25 July- 9 August, 2022

Advanced Materials and Technologies

Upcoming Challenges in Materials Science and Engineering

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Applacation form

Before filling out the application form please be prepared to upload. If you already prepared the CV, the motivation letter and the transcript of modules for your DAAD application you can upload these documents. we will check them in German.

  • a copy of your COMPLETE PASSPORT. This means a copy of all sites including the clean sites.
  • a picture from you. In best case it`s something like a passport photo.
  • Please prepare one single pdf with following content:
    • CV
    • Motivation letter
    • transcript of modules

You can use the CV and motivation letter which you also send to DAAD.

By filling in and sending this application form along with other applications documents incl. passport copy You give your consent on the processing of personal data according to Russian Federal Law of 27.07.2006 “On personal data” № ФЗ-152. 
The deadline for application is the 20th of April 2022!


Application form General Engineering and Materials science Summer School in Novosibirsk

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If you have some special wish what you want to see during the classes or practical times feel free to write it here.
Upload section
Please upload to now your documents. We will work with your information very carefully and wont give your information to anybody else expect the necessary places.

Please give all documents a clear name like shown below. If you already prepared the CV, the motivation letter and the transcript of modules for your DAAD application you can upload these documents. we will check them in German.

Passport Upload

Please upload your complete Passport as PDF file. The name of the file should be as followed: P_Name-Firstname_City of University, for example P_Musterman-Max_Berlin. If you don`t want to upload your passport please send it via E-Mail to siberiaschool@gmail.com*
Application documents

Please upload the following documents summarized in ONE single PDF file:
1) CV
2) motivation letter
3) transcript of modules
The name of the file should be: D_Name-Firstname_City of University. If you don`t want to upload your documents please send it via email to siberiaschool@gmail.com
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