25 July- 9 August, 2022

Advanced Materials and Technologies

Upcoming Challenges in Materials Science and Engineering

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Dear colleagues!

Facing the COVID-19 pandemic and its various effects, countries around the world are taking action towards the safety and health of their inhabitants. Given these unprecedented circumstances, the summer school was postponed to the next year, which was initially scheduled to take place from 26 JULY to 10 AUGUST, 2021.
We are pleased to announce that the Mechanical Engineering Faculty of NSTU organizes the 11th international summer school entitled "Advanced Materials and Technologies: Upcoming Challenges in Materials Science and Engineering". This school will be devoted to new challenges and solutions in materials science, like biomaterials, smart materials, ceramic materials, etc. The school will be held from July 25 till August 09, 2022, at Novosibirsk State Technical University. We are glad to invite foreign students and young academic staff to join our summer school and learn new things about science, technologies and Russian culture.

Yours faithfully,
Organizing Committee.

Introduction to Materials Science

The courses of the summer school based on Novosibirsk State Technical University include lectures on the introduction to future materials. This school is devoted to new challenges and solutions in materials science, like biomaterials, smart materials, ceramic materials, etc. Participants get basic knowledge on phase diagrams and material selection errors which may lead to catastrophes. They learn about techniques such as casting technology, working with an optical microscope, hydrostatic weighing, testing of mechanical properties, and X-Ray analysis.


In addition to training courses, various cultural and sports events and trips to Altai are organized for students. Participants of the summer school along with students of NSTU take part in such activities as rafting, hiking, volleyball, horse riding, paintball. Get acquainted with the nature of Russia and Altai, having lived for a week at a tourist base.


Russian language courses are held during the summer school. Be able to deal with everyday situations in a Russian-speaking environment and conduct simple conversations. This two-week introductory course covers listening, speaking, reading, writing and culture.


  German Student 2019

The GEM summer school 2019 at the NSTU has changed my life and given me new perspectives on our relationship with Russia. Getting into russian culture and people is just great and you should give yourself an impression before you judge. Adventure, fun and empathy are words that I want to describe the past time. It's a pity that time passed so fast, but the memories will stay. Thanks to all involved!


We invite everyone to take part in SummerSchool 2022, whether you are a current student, a graduate, a mature student, or a young academic staff. To learn the course fully, participants must be proficient in English (B2). Also, you need to prepare the CV and the motivation letter. For more information and FAQ, click here.

Important information for German students:

Deutsche Studierende können sich im Rahmen des Go East- Sommerschulprogramms beim Deutschen Akademischen Austauschdienst (DAAD) um ein Stipendium bewerben. Das Stipendium setzt sich zusammen aus Pauschale zur Deckung der Aufenthaltskosten, Reisekostenzuschuss und Kursgebühren. Weitere Informationen dazu finden Sie unter: DAAD go east Sommerschulen
Das zweigleisige Bewerbungsverfahren sieht vor, dass Interessenten sich parallel bei der Sommerschule um eine Zulassung und beim DAAD um ein Stipendium bewerben.


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